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Miami is known for its vibrant culture, warm weather, and stunning beaches. However, it is also a city that has a rich history, with many hidden gems that tell the story of its evolution. One such gem is Papi Steak, a restaurant that has been a fixture in the city’s culinary scene for decades. Papi Steak is known for its delicious food, elegant ambiance, and rich history.

Here is a list of the latest and most current Papi Steak prices (Miami, USA).

Item Price

Picked for you

Papi Steak, Glatt Kosher Ribeye (32 oz) (Picked for you) $190.00
Latkes (Picked for you) $15.00
PAPI Experience for two $345 (Picked for you) $345.00
Kosher Chicken Schnitzel (Picked for you) $30.00
Caesar (Picked for you) $18.00


Caesar $18.00
Chopped Salad $17.00
Honey Glazed Bacon $14.00
Latkes $15.00
Jumbo Shrimp (4pc) $24.00
Caviar Siberian Osetra (1 oz) $95.00
Challah Bread $5.00
Wagyu Pastrami 1/2lb $60.00
Wagyu Pastrami (1 lb) $105.00


Grilled Maine Lobster (2 lb) $48.00
Grilled Branzino $30.00
Filet Mignon (8 oz) $44.00
Bone-in Dry Aged NY Strip (16oz) $62.00
Niman Ranch Boneless Ribeye (14 oz) $49.00
Kosher Chicken Schnitzel $30.00
Wagyu Double Stack Burger $29.00
Papi Steak, Glatt Kosher Ribeye (32 oz) $190.00
Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich $32.00

Butter and Sauce

Truffle Butter $4.00
Au Poivre $4.00
Bordelaise $4.00
Chimichurri $4.00
Papi Sauce (6oz) $10.00


Whipped Potato $14.00
Creamed Spinach $14.00
Mac and Cheese $14.00
Roasted Cauliflower $14.00
Grilled Asparagus $14.00
Sauteed Mushrooms $14.00
Crinkle-Cut Fries $14.00
Monop-Potato $95.00


Red Velvet Cheesecake $14.00
Banana Coconut Cream Pie $14.00

The PAPI Experience

PAPI Experience for two $345 $345.00


The SINATRA for two $99 $99.00


Evian $5.00
Badoit $5.00
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The History of Papi Steak

Papi Steak has a long and storied history that dates back to the 1970s. The restaurant was founded by Cuban immigrant, Bernardo “Papi” Garcia. Papi arrived in Miami in the early 1960s and worked tirelessly to establish himself in the restaurant industry. His hard work paid off, and in 1972, he opened Papi Steak.

The restaurant quickly became a favorite among locals and visitors alike, with its mouth-watering steaks and excellent service. Papi’s sons, Raul and Bobby, joined the business in the 1980s, bringing fresh ideas and energy to the restaurant.

Over the years, Papi Steak has become a Miami institution, attracting celebrities, politicians, and tourists from all over the world. Despite the restaurant’s success, Papi Steak has never lost its family-owned charm. Today, Papi’s grandsons, Joey and Julian, are at the helm, ensuring that the restaurant remains a Miami favorite for years to come.

The Culinary Delight that is Papi Steak

Papi Steak is known for its exceptional food and service. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of delicious dishes, with its mouth-watering steaks being the star attraction. The restaurant’s signature dish, the Papi Steak, is a 32-ounce ribeye that is dry-aged for 21 days and cooked to perfection. The restaurant also offers a range of other steak options, including filet mignon, New York strip, and porterhouse.

In addition to its steaks, Papi Steak also serves a variety of other dishes, including fresh seafood, pasta, and salads. The restaurant’s sides are also not to be missed, with its truffle mac and cheese and creamed spinach being particular favorites among diners.

Papi Steak’s elegant ambiance also adds to the dining experience, with its dark wood paneling, white tablecloths, and art-deco inspired decor. The restaurant also features a full-service bar, serving up a range of handcrafted cocktails and an extensive wine list.

In Conclusion

Papi Steak is more than just a restaurant. It is a slice of Miami’s history, with a long and storied past that is woven into the fabric of the city. Its delicious food, excellent service, and elegant ambiance make it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of Miami’s culinary scene. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Papi Steak is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and your heart.

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