Noodle Canteen Prices NZ And Noodle Canteen Price List

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Below is a list of the latest and most up-to-date Noodle Canteen (New Zealand) menu prices.

Item Price

Picked For You

Honey Chicken Fried $14.50
Honey Chicken Noodles $14.50
Hot Box $14.50
Satay Chicken $14.00
Nasi Goreng $14.00

Wok Tossed Noodles

Satay Chicken (Wok Tossed Noodles) $14.00
Hokkien Mee $14.00
Fried Kuai Teow $14.00
Combination Noodles $15.00
Black Bean Beef $14.00
Singapore Fried Noodles $14.00
Sweet Box $14.50
Hot Box (Wok Tossed Noodles) $14.50
Teriyaki $14.00
Seafood Mee Goreng $15.00
Thai Sweet Chilli Beef $14.00
Sambal Chicken $14.00
Mongolian Beef $14.00
Thai Curry Chicken $14.00
BBQ Pork $14.00
Garlic Prawns $16.00
Honey Chicken Noodles (Wok Tossed Noodles) $14.50
Chilli Beef $14.00
Seafood Combo Noodles $15.00
Chicken Chow Mee $14.00
Vegetarian Soy Noodles (V) $11.50
Vegetarian Mee Goreng (V) $11.50
Veggie Singapore Noodles $11.50

Soup Based Noodles

Vegetarian Soup (V) $11.50
Combination Soup $15.00
Curry Laksa $14.50
Tom Yum $14.00

Rice Dishes

Special Fried Rice (Rice Dishes) $14.00
Special Fried Rice $14.00
Sambal Fried Rice $14.00
Nasi Goreng (Rice Dishes) $14.00
Seafood Nasi Goreng $15.00
Honey Chicken Fried (Rice Dishes) $14.50

Single-Use Items


extra honey chicken box $8.00
popcorn shrimp $5.99
squid rings $5.30
crumbed prawn cutlets $5.99
prawn twisters $7.99
fish goujons $5.99
classic seafood basket $8.99
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A Burst of Asian Flavors

Noodle Canteen NZ is a haven for Asian flavors. Those who appreciate Asian cuisine will find themselves in gastronomic paradise. From delectable sushi rolls to flavorful stir-fried noodles and a wide array of Thai delicacies, each dish is a culinary adventure in itself.

A Reputation for Excellence

Noodle Canteen NZ has garnered an outstanding reputation in the culinary world. For years, it has been recognized as a must-visit destination for Asian food lovers. Consistent quality in their dishes and impeccable service has made it a preferred choice for discerning foodies.

Soaring Popularity

In recent years, Noodle Canteen NZ has witnessed a surge in popularity. It has become an increasingly favored choice for family dinners, romantic outings, and even quick meals with friends. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients and meticulous preparation of dishes has earned them a loyal customer base across the region.

More Than Just a Restaurant, It’s an Experience

Noodle Canteen NZ is not just a place to eat; it’s an experience. The ambiance is warm and inviting, creating the perfect setting for quality time with family and friends. The tantalizing aromas of Asian dishes waft through the air, enticing your taste buds long before you place your order. The staff is always attentive and helpful, ensuring that every visit is an exceptional experience.


In conclusion, Noodle Canteen NZ is a prominent player in the Asian culinary scene. Their diverse menu, exceptional reputation, and growing popularity have made them a culinary reference point. If you’re a fan of Asian flavors and seek an extraordinary gastronomic experience, don’t miss the chance to visit Noodle Canteen NZ. Come savor a unique culinary journey with Noodle Canteen NZ.

More information about Noodle Canteen can be found on their official website.