McDonald’s Prices NZ And McDonald’s Price List

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Below is a list of the latest and most up-to-date McDonald’s (New Zealand) menu prices.

Item Price

Happy Meal

Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap™ Happy Meal® $7.93
3pc Chicken McNuggets® Happy Meal® $7.92
Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap™ Happy Meal® $7.93
6pc Chicken McNuggets® Happy Meal® $10.34
Cheeseburger Happy Meal® $7.92

Juice & Water

Fuze Tea® Peach Black Iced Tea $3.61
Fuze Tea® Peach Iced Tea $3.60
Apple Blackcurrant Drink $4.23
Kiwi Blue® Water 600ml $2.46
Orange Juice $4.11
Pump® Mini Water $3.47


McFlurry® with Oreo® Cookies $5.83
Cookie Time® McFlurry® $5.01
Hot Fudge Choc Top Super Sundae $5.50
Choc Top Super Sundae $6.00
Strawberry White Choc Top Super Sundae $5.50
Hot Apple Pie $3.39
Apple Pie with Soft Serve $4.24
Hot Fudge Sundae $4.66
Caramel Sundae $4.66
Strawberry Sundae $4.66
Tim Tam McFlurry $6.21
Plain Sundae $4.69
M&Ms® MINIS McFlurry® $5.83

Happy Meals

Hotcakes Happy Meal $7.95

To Share

10pc Chicken McBites® Combo $8.08
Midnight Munchies $24.00
50pc Chicken McNuggets $35.00
Big Mac Dinner for 2 $26.31
The Family Pack $32.38
YOU CHOOSE Dessert Bundle $9.19
The Cheeseburger Stack $17.63
YOU CHOOSE Family Dinner Pack $47.28
YOU CHOOSE Dinner for 2 $26.28
McChicken Chomp $17.50
Hotcake Stack $14.50
Medium Catch of The Day Combo $15.00
6pc Chicken McNuggets® Combo $12.03
10pc Chicken McNuggets® Combo $14.01
20pc Chicken McNuggets® Combo $22.07

All Day Breakfast

Bacon & Egg McMuffin® Combo $10.74
Brekkie for 2 $23.50
Chicken Bacon McMuffin® Combo $11.16
Chicken McMuffin® Combo $10.02
Hotcakes with Syrup Combo $9.69

Brekkie Meals

NYC Benedict Bagel® Combo $11.28
BLT Bagel Combo $10.97
Massive McMuffin® Combo $11.74
Sausage & Egg McMuffin® Combo $10.44
Sausage McMuffin® Combo $9.13
Bagel Hunger Buster® $14.68


Cheeseburger Combo $8.64
Deluxe Double Quarter Pounder $16.77
Big Mac® Combo $12.40
Kiwiburger® Combo $14.73
Quarter Pounder® Combo $12.41
Double Filet-O-Fish® Combo $14.16
McChicken® Combo $12.19
Double Cheeseburger Combo $9.53
Filet-O-Fish® Combo $11.95
Double Big Mac® Combo $14.51
Hamburger Combo $8.27
Double Quarter Pounder® Combo $15.03
The Boss® Combo $15.26
Double McChicken® Combo $14.72
Triple Cheeseburger Combo $10.87

Most Popular

Big Brekkie Burger Combo $14.01
Deluxe Quarter Pounder $9.58
McVeggie™ Burger $13.21
McFlurry® With Cadbury® Flake® $5.56
Creme Egg Flavoured McFlurry® $5.73
3pc Mozzarella Sticks $4.50

Gourmet Creations

Almighty Texan BBQ Burger Combo $17.70
Crispy Chicken Bacon Deluxe Combo $16.22
Grilled Chicken Bacon Deluxe Combo $16.22
The Big Cheese Combo $18.21
The Clubhouse Angus Combo $17.24
Serious Angus® Combo $15.26
The Clubhouse Grilled Chicken Combo $17.24

Snacks and Fries

10pc Chicken McBites® $3.20
Fries $3.82
6pc Chicken McNuggets® $7.66


Hash Brown $3.06

Georgie Pie®

Georgie Pie® Steak Mince 'N' Cheese $9.88

McCafé® Drinks

McCafé® - Cappuccino $4.94
McCafé® - Mochaccino $4.94
McCafé® - Flat White $4.94
McCafé® - Latte $4.94
McCafé® - Hot Chocolate $4.94
McCafé® - Chai Latté $4.94
McCafé® - Long Black $4.41

Soft Drinks

Coke® No Sugar $3.61
Coke® $3.61
Diet Coke® $3.61
Fanta® $3.61
Fanta® Orange $3.61
Fanta® Raspberry $3.61
Schweppes® Sparkling Raspberry $3.60
Sprite Zero® $3.60
Sprite® No Sugar $3.61
L&P® $3.61


Szechuan Sauce Packet $0.50
Barbeque Sauce $0.50
Ketchup $0.32
Mayonnaise $0.33
Sweet and Sour Sauce $0.50
Spicy Mayo Dipping Sauce $0.50

Brekkie Condiments

Hotcake Syrup $0.60
Whipped Butter $0.20


Berry Shake $4.60
Banana Shake $4.60
Chocolate Shake $4.60
Lime Flavoured Shake $4.42
Strawberry Shake $4.60

Individual Items

Big Brekkie Burger $9.97
Cheeseburger $4.44
NYC Benedict Bagel® $7.71
Bacon & Egg McMuffin® $6.91
Big Mac® $7.81
BLT Bagel $7.29
Chicken & Bacon McMuffin® $7.73
Quarter Pounder® $7.91
Chicken Muffin® $6.54
Kiwiburger® $10.53
Hotcakes with Whipped Butter & Syrup $6.50
McChicken® $7.74
Double Filet-O-Fish® $9.91
Massive McMuffin® $8.23
Double Cheeseburger $5.75
Sausage & Egg McMuffin® $6.80
Sausage McMuffin® $5.63
Double Big Mac® $10.27
Filet-O-Fish® $7.43
Hamburger $4.03
Double Quarter Pounder® $10.92
Double McChicken® $10.51
The Boss® $11.00
Triple Cheeseburger $7.69
10pc Chicken McNuggets® $10.15
20pc Chicken McNuggets® $17.51
Almighty Texan BBQ Burger $13.48
Crispy Chicken Bacon Deluxe $11.75
Grilled Chicken Bacon Deluxe $11.75
The Big Cheese $14.05
The Clubhouse Angus $13.05
The Serious Angus® $10.98
The Clubhouse Grilled Chicken $13.05
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When it comes to fast food, McDonald’s is a name that resonates with people all over the world. In New Zealand, McDonald’s has become a beloved institution, offering its own unique blend of flavors and traditions. In this article, we’ll delve into the reputation and popularity of McDonald’s NZ and explore why it has earned a special place in the hearts of Kiwis.

A Global Legacy, A Local Flavor

McDonald’s NZ is part of the global McDonald’s family, but it has its own distinct personality that reflects the culture and tastes of New Zealand. While you can find the familiar favorites like Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets on the menu, McDonald’s NZ also offers a range of items that cater to the local palate.

Kiwi Twist

One of the standout features of McDonald’s NZ is its “Kiwi Twist” menu items. These are specially crafted dishes that incorporate New Zealand’s unique flavors and ingredients. For example, the “KiwiBurger” includes a beef patty, egg, beetroot, lettuce, cheese, and special sauce, giving customers a taste of the country’s culinary identity.

A Reputation Built on Quality

McDonald’s NZ has worked diligently to maintain a reputation for quality and consistency. New Zealanders expect the same level of taste and service whether they visit a McDonald’s in Auckland or Wellington.

Commitment to Sourcing

One aspect of this reputation is McDonald’s NZ’s commitment to sourcing high-quality, locally-produced ingredients. Supporting local farmers and suppliers not only ensures freshness but also contributes to the sustainability of New Zealand’s agricultural industry.

A Kiwi Gathering Place

Beyond just being a place to grab a quick meal, McDonald’s NZ often serves as a social hub for the community. Families, friends, and even solo diners frequent the restaurants, making it a gathering place for people of all ages.

Community Engagement

McDonald’s NZ actively engages with the local community through various initiatives. Whether it’s sponsoring local events or participating in charity drives, the brand strives to be a positive force in the places it serves.


McDonald’s NZ is more than just a fast-food chain; it’s a part of New Zealand’s cultural fabric. Its reputation for quality, commitment to local sourcing, and role as a community gathering place have solidified its popularity in the country. As McDonald’s NZ continues to evolve and adapt to changing tastes, it remains a symbol of both global familiarity and local innovation on the New Zealand culinary landscape.

More information about McDonald’s can be found on their official website.