Häagen-Dazs USA Prices

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Here is a list of the latest and most current Häagen-Dazs prices (USA).

Item Price


Caramel Cone Shake $7.18
Shake $7.27
Dulce de Leche Shake $7.04
Belgian Chocolate Shake $7.07
Java Chip Shake $7.14

Ice Cream

Cups $5.32
Ice Cream Cups and Cones $4.55
Cones $5.32
Frozen Yogurt $4.65
Ice Cream Pint $8.03
Bars $5.41
Ice Cream Pints $9.34
Ice Cream Quarts $15.95

Picked For You

Ice Cream Cup $5.21

Top Menu Items

Midnight Cookies and Cream Dazzler... $7.38

Packaged Ice Cream

Hand Packed Ice Cream $8.71
Bar $4.54
Hand Packed Pint $8.08
Hand Packed Quart $12.78

Cups & Cones

Ice Cream Cone $5.21
Pints $8.03
Quarts $11.83

Ice Cream & Sorbet Cups and Cones

Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream $4.76
Butter Pecan Ice Cream $4.81
Brownies a la Mode Ice Cream $4.59
Caramel Cone Ice Cream $4.89
Vanilla Ice Cream $4.84
Chocolate Ice Cream $4.84
Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle Non Dairy $5.10
Coffee Ice Cream $4.81
Dulce de Leche Ice Cream $4.84
Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle Non-Dairy Ice Cream $5.23
Cookie Dough Ice Cream $4.78
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream $4.78
Strawberry Ice Cream $4.84
Mint Chip Ice Cream $4.86
Midnight Cookies and Cream $4.80
Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream $4.73
Rocky Road Ice Cream $4.86
Rum Raisin Ice Cream $4.74
Pralines and Cream $5.01
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream $4.82
Mango Sorbet $4.98
White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream $4.71
Raspberry Sorbet $4.98
Strawberry Sorbet $4.98
Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle NON-Dairy $4.97
Java Chip Ice Cream $4.81
Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream $4.80
Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Ice Cream $5.37
Belgian Chocolate $7.51
Banana Peanut Butter Chip $5.05
Sea Salt Caramel Truffle $4.81
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt $4.81
Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle Ice Cream $4.81
Irish Cream Brownie Ice Cream $4.81

Dazzler Sundaes

Banana Split Dazzler Sundae $7.52
Dulce de Leche Dazzler Sundae $7.80
Dulce Split Dazzler Sundae $7.42
Rocky Road Dazzler Sundae $7.54
Mint Chip Dazzler Sundae $7.54
Sundae $7.44

Ice Cream Cakes (Call the Shop directly for immediately available cake offerings)

All Occasion Cake $31.98
Birthday Cake $32.24
Chocolate Drizzle Cake $31.24
Confetti Cake $31.24
Mocha Torte Cake $31.33
Ribbon Cake $36.32


Dazzler Sundaes $8.07
Sundaes $7.07
Cookie and Cream Dazzler Sundae $8.73

Dazzlers Signature Sundaes

Rocky Road Sundae $10.50
Mint Chip Sundae $10.50

Frappe Frozen Drink

Dulce Frappe $8.69
Mocha Frappe $8.99

Featured Items

Ice Cream Bar $3.86

Frozen Drinks

Coffee Frappes $7.39
Smoothies $7.57
Pomagranate Berry Smoothie $8.73

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookie Sandwich $6.72
Cookie Sandwiches $6.43

Toppings To Go Cup

Small Cup of Color Sprinkles 100% Natural $5.00
Large Cups of Waffle Cone Pieces $5.00
Small Cup Chocolate Crunchies $5.00
Small Cup Chocolate Fudge $5.00
Small Cup of Chocolate Sprinkles $5.00
Small Cup of Peanuts Pieces $5.00
Large Cup Fresh Whipped Cream $5.00

Brownie Cookie Sandwiches

Brownie Cookie Sandwich $6.11


Coffee Frappe $8.28
Frappe $6.95

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwich $6.31


Bottled Drinks $2.91
Fountain Drink $1.34

Bottled Beverages

Bottled Drink $2.40

Popular Items

Banana Split Sundae $8.70
Cup $6.01
Midnight Cookies & Cream Dazzler Sundae $7.37
Cookies and Cream Cookie Sundae $9.36
Dulce Split Sundae $11.58
Cookies & Cream Dazzler Sundae $7.39
Midnight Cookies and Cream Sundae $10.52
Strawberry Banana Smoothies $7.06
Belgian Chocolate Milkshake $9.36


Wildberry Smoothie $7.92
Aloha Mango Smoothies $7.06
Pomegranate Berry $7.08
Raspberry Smoothie $9.95
Strawberry Banana Smoothie $8.93
Pomegranate Berry Smoothies $7.06
Tropical Raspberry Smoothie $7.92
Aloha Mango Smoothie $9.43
Tropical Raspberry $7.08
Tropical Raspberry Smoothies $7.06
Pomegranate Berry Smoothie $7.51
Wildberry Smoothies $7.06
Aloha Mango $7.16
Strawberry Banana $7.08
Wildberry $7.08

Regular Drinks

Coffee $4.53


Shakes $7.35
Brownies a la Mode Milkshake $10.23
Caramel Cone Milkshake $9.03
Cookies and Cream Milkshake $9.36
Cookies & Cream Shake $7.04
Dulce De Leche Milkshake $9.96
Mint Chip Milkshake $9.78
Strawberry Milkshake $10.23
Java Chip Milkshake $7.72
Create your own Milkshake $6.99
Chocolate Milkshake $9.78
Cookie Dough Milkshake $10.23
Pineapple Coconut Milkshake $9.78
Vanilla Milkshake $9.78
Pepermint Bark Milkshake $11.58
Rocky Road Milkshake $9.78
Vanilla Swiss Almond Milkshake $9.78
Butter Pecan Milkshake $9.78
Coffee Milkshake $9.78
Midnight Cookies and Cream Milkshake $9.78
Rum Raisin Milkshake $9.78
Peppermint Bank Holiday Flavors Milkshake $10.68

Different Style

Waffle Cone $1.11
Dipped Waffle Cone $1.43

Ice Cream Cakes

Pack of 20 Multi Color Birthday Candles $5.00
8" Coffee Ice Cream Mocha Torte Ice Cream Cake $59.99
10" Signature Ribbon Cake $69.99
8" Cookie and Cream Ice Cream Cake $59.99

Non Dairy Beverages

Strawberry Sorbet Sipper $9.95
Raspberry Sorbet Sipper $10.95
Mango Sorbet Sipper $9.95

Bottled Drinks

Bottled Water $2.02
Water Bottle $1.94
Snapple $2.50
Soda Bottle $2.62
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