Donut King Prices NZ And Donut King Price List NZ

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Below is a list of the latest and most up-to-date Donut King (New Zealand) menu prices.

Item Price

Picked For You

Twelve Fresh Cinnamon Donuts $13.00
Eight Pack Mini Iced Donuts $5.50
Four Fresh Cinnamon Donuts $4.40
Cinnamon Scroll Filled Donut $3.60
Chocolate Mouse Filled Donut $3.60

Pick 'n' Mix Box deals

Any 12 Donuts $32.00
Any 12 Donuts (Pick 'n' Mix Box deals) $32.00

Fresh Donuts

Four Fresh Cinnamon Donuts (Fresh Donuts) $4.40
Six Fresh Cinnamon Donuts $6.50
Twelve Fresh Cinnamon Donuts (Fresh Donuts) $13.00
Twenty Four Fresh Cinnamon Donuts $25.00
Ten Pack Mini Cinnamon Donuts $5.00

Plain Iced Donuts

One Iced Donut Ring $3.30
One Iced Donut Ring (Plain Iced Donuts) $3.30
Eight Pack Mini Iced Donuts (Plain Iced Donuts) $5.50

Novelty Donuts

Boy Novelty Donut $3.40
Girl Novelty Donut $3.40
Love Heart Novelty Donut $3.40
Crocodile Novelty Donut $3.40
Crocodile Novelty Donut (Novelty Donuts) $3.40
Kiwi Bird Novelty Donut $3.40
Dinosaurs Novelty Donut $3.40
Peppy Pig Novelty Donut $3.40
Ninja Turtles Novelty Donut $3.40
Smiley Face Novelty Donut $3.40
Poke Ball Novelty Donut (Novelty Donuts) $3.40
Poke Ball Novelty Donut $3.40

Filled Donuts

Chocolate Jam Ball Filled Donut $3.60
Jam Ball Filled Donut (Filled Donuts) $3.60
Jam Ball Filled Donut $3.60
Blueberry Ball Filled Donut (Filled Donuts) $3.60
Blueberry Ball Filled Donut $3.60
Decadent Zesty Lemon Filled Donut $3.60
Chocolate Mouse Filled Donut (Filled Donuts) $3.60
Custard Ball Filled Donut $3.60
Custard Ball Filled Donut (Filled Donuts) $3.60
Apple and Custard Parcel Filled Donut $3.60
Peach and Custard Filled Donut (Filled Donuts) $3.60
Peach and Custard Filled Donut $3.60
Chocolate and Custard Filled Donut $3.60
Chocolate and Custard Filled Donut (Filled Donuts) $3.60
Cinnamon Scroll Filled Donut (Filled Donuts) $3.60


420ml Soft Drink $3.50
600ml Soft Drink $4.00
Mini Pump $3.50
Pump water $4.00

Single-Use Items

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Discovering Donut King NZ

The first step to unraveling the story of Donut King NZ is an introduction to this exceptional establishment. Nestled in the heart of New Zealand, this restaurant stands as a testament to the artistry of pastry-making. Its unique ambiance and delectable offerings draw in both locals and tourists.

History and Values

Donut King NZ Restaurant is built upon strong values that guide its operations. From day one, their commitment has been to provide high-quality, mouthwatering pastries while preserving the authenticity of traditional recipes. This passion for culinary traditions makes Donut King NZ a remarkable place where customers can savor the genuine flavors of the culinary world.

Creativity in the Kitchen

Donut King NZ is celebrated for the ingenuity and creativity of its pastry chefs. The menu is diverse, and each treat is meticulously crafted using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It’s a place where patrons can enjoy classic pastries and innovative creations that push the boundaries of sweet indulgence.

Reputation and Popularity

The reputation of Donut King NZ is unquestionable. Since its inception, it has garnered the loyalty of a vast customer base. Positive reviews and feedback regarding the quality of food, service, and overall ambiance have contributed to its soaring popularity.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews serve as a testament to the excellence of Donut King NZ. Many patrons praise the restaurant for its exceptional taste, top-notch service, and inviting atmosphere. It’s a place that often becomes the favored meeting spot for families, friends, and couples.

Community Engagement

Donut King NZ Restaurant also actively engages with the local community. They collaborate with local suppliers and participate in various community outreach programs, contributing to the growth and well-being of the region.


Donut King NZ Restaurant seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, serving up treats that tantalize the taste buds. Its reputation and popularity are the fruits of its commitment to quality, authenticity, and a genuine love for the culinary arts. If you’re in search of a unique spot where flavor is key to a successful meal, Donut King NZ Restaurant is an excellent choice.

More information about Donut King can be found on their official website.